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    Global Surveys

    Our consumer insights team delivers powerful insights to help you500彩票下载app二维码 better understand current consumer preferences, identify emerging trends and pinpoint marketing and product development opportunities in markets around the world.
    Euromonitor International uses surveys to uncover the voice of consumers, professionals and experts

    Annual Consumer Tracking Surveys

    We survey global consumers to explore trends in behaviour, attitudes and motivations.

    Lifestyles Survey Icon

    Lifestyles Survey

    Topics Covered
    Eating and drinking Healthy and ethical living House and 500彩票下载app二维码 Leisure
    Shopping Spending and saving Technology
    Beauty Survey Icon

    Beauty Survey

    Topics Covered
    Hair Care Skin Care Colour Cosmetics
    Themes in each category
    Beauty routines Usage Path to purchase Brands
    Nicotine Survey Icon

    Nicotine Survey

    Topics Covered
    Usage of nicotine and tobacco products Anticipated changes to products currently consumed
    Perceptions of nicotine Opinions on restrictions and taxation for nicotine and tobacco products
    Health and Nutrition Survey Icon

    Health and Nutrition Survey

    Topics Covered
    Health behaviours and attitudes Diet and nutrition
    Health concerns and goals Treatment and prevention approaches
    Custom Consumer Insights Icon

    Custom Consumer Insights

    We offer custom surveys and other consumer research methodologies as part of wider consulting projects.

    Categories Covered
    Dependent on project
    Survey Respondents
    General consumers Consumer segments or interest groups Businesses or experts
    Survey Details
    Dependent on project
    Voice of the Industry Icon

    Voice of the Industry

    We survey industry professionals on trends and innovations within their category.

    Categories Covered
    Alcoholic Drinks Beauty and Personal Care Consumer Foodservice Consumer Health Digital Consumer Luxury Goods
    Non-Alcoholic Drinks Packaged and Fresh Food Retailing Sustainability Travel and Tourism
    Survey Details
    Annual survey per industry
    Identify questions
    Develop & Translate

    Industry and consumer specialists and the Survey team pinpoint questions about existing and emerging trends in consumer life

    Refining questions and translate to respondents' native languages

    Survey & Validate

    Field survey and validate responses

    Examine responses to identify consumer attitudes, behaviors, and trends

    Report & Database

    Industry and consumer specialists and the Survey team contextualise findings within industries, geographic regions, demographic segments & consumer types

    About Our Methodology

    Euromonitor International's survey team designs our surveys in-house, with input from our research experts and our clients.

    Our local research analysts translate the survey into local languages and review it for accuracy and dialect nuances.

    Euromonitor International partners with trusted panel providers to recruit potential survey-takers. All survey respondents are screened and quotas are put in place to make sure the sample matches each markets' general population distribution in terms of age and gender. Collected data is then further validated through quality checks before being analysed.

    We analyse our survey data alongside market research from our syndicated industry, consumer and economic Passport offerings to provide a clear view what is happening with consumers across major markets and industries.